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There are thousands of cash advance stores all across America and chances are there's one next to you. Before you go to your nearest store however it would be wise to consider online payday loan lenders. Not only are they more convenient but also recent studies have indicated the online lenders typically offer a better rate.

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Online payday loan lenders have several advantages over their retail competition. First of all they have far less overhead in their business model. They don't have to pay for rent, utilities, and the other cost of maintaining a store. Therefore since they don't have all these extra expenses they can afford to offer a lower rate to consumers.

Some cash advance stores are known to take advantage of their customers and charge excessive fees. This is because the retail stores realize their customers are desperate for fast cash and highly unlikely to drive to other outlets to compare rates. Most consumers will take the first offer handed to them regardless of how bad the deal is because they are desperate for fast cash.

Online payday loan lenders face much more competition than their retail competition. They know it's much easier for consumers to compare rates online than it is to drive around to several different stores. Therefore it's much more difficult for the loan sharks to succeed online.

The most efficient way to find the best rates for online payday loan lenders is to use a matchmaker service. Online cash advance networks allow consumers to fill out a single application and find the best rates on payday loans. The reason you are able to ensure the best rate is because there will be several lenders competing for your loan and only the best offer will get the bid.

The best matchmaker networks have over 50 lenders in their system. This means that consumers can have over 50 lenders competing for their loan request by filling out a single application. When businesses compete in anything the consumer generally gets the best deals and it is no different with online payday loan lenders.

When you submit an application with an online cash advance network it's not like there's going to be 50 lenders calling and offering you a loan proposal. These systems use what is called a ping tree and the lender with the best bid will be shown typically within a minute of filling out the application. Also, only the lender that submits the best offer will have access to your personal information so you don't have to worry your information being in the hands of 50 different lenders.

online payday advance

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